Personalization Prevents Consumers From Unsubscribing!

Bluehornet, a Digital River company, just conducted an awesome study on the effectiveness of email marketing. They gathered insights from about 1815 consumers to see how they interact with the various marketing emails that they receive. Those taking part in the study were in an age range of 18 to 64, and 70% of them had an income over $35,000. Plus, it’s worth noting that the study was comprised of participants all over the U.S. .

First Bluehornet did research into the average amount of email addresses that consumers have. On average, most consumers have two email addresses – that’s 35.9% of the 1815 consumers polled. In second place, 24.1% had 3 email addresses, and 22.1% had only one email address to their name. Take a look at the rest of the results below. Interestingly, 71% of survey respondents claimed that they do not maintain two email addresses for the purpose of keeping track of their marketing emails – Although, 44% of respondents 34 or younger did claim to use of their email addresses for marketing emails. In other words, this could make life more difficult to marketers that have a young list.

The average amount of email addresses that consumers have

The study also took a look into how many times consumers check their emails for marketing messages and promotions. It found that consumers generally are very interested in the messages they receive, as 33.8% of survey respondents claimed that they actively check their email throughout the day, and a high of 39% of consumers admitted to checking their emails at least one to three times. 9% of respondents claimed that they check their email 7 to 10 (or more) times a day, while only 1.6% declared that they never check their inbox for marketing emails. Since smartphone adoption has increased, email is becoming more and more accessible. In fact, Mobile opens have been on the rise each year, and because of this, it’s becoming increasingly important for websites to be optimized for mobile.

How many times consumers check their emails for marketing messages and promotions

One of the more relevant parts of the study was in regards to how to keep an aggravated consumer that’s decided to unsubscribe on your list. While 40.7% of the 1815 consumers claimed that there is no circumstance in which they could be convinced to stay on a list, 40.6% said that they could be swayed if they had an option to receive less emails. Unsurprisingly, many consumers are getting used to email personalization, as 16.7% and 16.1% those surveyed said that they would stay on a contact list if companies sent them ?personalized emails based on preferences/interests indicated? and ?more personalized/relevant content.? The desire for personalization doesn?t end there, as 12.4% and 8.9% claimed a desire for ?personalized emailed based on past purchases? and ?emails based on what I browsed on the website.? Considering all of the above, about 60% of consumers are essentially more than able to be convinced to stay on an email list – good news for all of you marketers out there.

How to keep an aggravated consumer?