Mobile Opens Are On The Rise Each Year

Movable Ink is at it again, releasing their Q2 consumer preference report, and shockingly, desktop conversions have spiked once again. In their Q1 report, it was reported for the first time ever that mobile and tablet conversions exceeded desktop conversions. However, that result was very short lived, as Movable Ink decided to grow their email sample size and analyzed 276,000 conversions to find that desktop conversions are on the up and up.

in Q2, mobile opens have increased from 67% to 67.8% since Q1, and it’s expected to continue to grow as smartphone adoption continues. Tablets on the other hand have not been experiencing as much email time, as 75% of iPad users spent 15 seconds or less checking their emails on them. When it came to email opens, iPhones ate the cake, as 41.97% of the 1.32 billion emails that Movable Ink analyzed were open on them – compared to only 9.72 on Android devices.

Subscribers' email open habits can vary by the following: Device

In total, 67.78% of all emails were open on mobile devices, but despite this, email conversions were essentially split between desktop and mobile. Movable Ink took a look at 267,000 conversions and found that desktop won out as it accounted for 52.57% of conversions. Movable Ink believes that something might be lacking in mobile that’s preventing it from winning the conversion battle, they say, ?We believe it to be an indicator of the click-through experience. It’s not enough to build mobile-friendly emails. You must have a mobile-friendly site to complete the experience.?

One of the more interesting findings by Movable Ink was in regards to how each individual state opens their emails. This time last year, much of the country had opened their emails on desktop, although every quarter since, that has changed. Take a look below at Q2 2015 compared to the years quarters before 🙂

Subscribers' email open habits can vary by the following: Geographic location

geographic location-Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4