Email Marketing API

The Most Friendly Email Marketing Dashboard Meets A Very Powerful API

Free Email Marketing Api By Directiq

Best Of Both Worlds

Whatever you do with DirectIQ Intelligent Email Marketing dashboard, you can do it with DirectIQ Email API. And more!

If you want your contacts from your CRM app or members of your e-commerce website to automatically get synced with DirectIQ then you should definitely check our Contact List API. We provide many convenient methods on contact list or single subscriber basis.

To create or transfer templates, our Template API is more then ready. You can also easily automate your campaigns with DirectIQ Campaign API.

Are you into email metrics? Then you’re at the right place. You can easily download all kind of specific email campaign results via our Reporting API.

Need More?

Of course we have more API methods engineered for specific tasks such as transactional mailings et al. Please feel free to ask us any specific method that comes into your mind. You can also request your API key, if you already are a proud member of DirectIQ. If not, then we recommend you sign-up now, for free.