Holiday Email Marketing Tips

It can be a tough job for email marketers to determine how many campaigns they should send out before the holiday season. For one, you want to make sure that your name is out there and in the minds of potential consumers, and two, you don?t want to incessantly pester those consumers to a point that they don?t want to have anything to do with your product or service. On top of that, you want to make sure that your email campaigns are both relevant now, and during holiday season. So, the goal for most email marketers is to find some sort of equilibrium.

To find that equilibrium, Marketing Land, a daily publication that covers all aspects of online marketing, studied engagement data from October through December 2013, and their findings were quite interesting. Retailers that sent 3 emails per week had great results, and were assumed to be spam the least, and also had a high inbox placement rate. Those that sent our 10 emails a week had a low spam rate, and those that sent one email per week had the highest spam rate. Marketing Land assumes that this is because they could have gone straight to the spam folder without giving the recipient a chance to designate it as such.

Email marketers' email frequency

Marketing Land makes clear that email marketers need to consider their email frequency. A sudden increase in emails can turn subscribers off to receiving their notifications, even if they are promotions. In fact, Marketing Land reported a decrease in engagement due to a high frequency of emails. But, if one only slightly increases the amount of emails they push out, recipients shouldn?t find it too much of a problem.

Furthermore, Marketing Land emphasizes that a high frequency of emails can cause you to be on the fast lane to the blacklist. This is because spam traps will easily notice the increased frequency.

All that said, it can be harmful to be too timid about sending promotional holiday emails. Therefore, we recommend sending about 3 emails, and not being too afraid to send one or two more during the holidays 😉

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