Some Tips From Clickz

Email marketing is far from dead. That said, there are still ways to transform your email marketing efforts to keep them more than alive and kicking. Clickz, a website that specializes in marketing news and expert advice, recently offered some great tips to do so that we’re going to share them with you.

The article, written by Tessa Wegert, makes the the first point that emails should certainly be optimized for mobile viewing. Especially as more and more consumers are reading their emails on the go. She backs this up with some great stats – responsive design increases open rates by 15 to 17 percent, and increase click-through rates by 24%.

Next, Tessa’s article emphasizes the importance of remarketing to customers that have previously engaged or expressed interest in your product. She refers to a comment by Patrick Tipp, a product marketing manager at Adobe who said that each year 4 trillion dollars in merchandise is left in shopping carts, and re engaging them could claim 63% of that.

The next tip has to do with personalization through the use of data. Targeting consumers with emails that are personalized to them, and that take their interests into consideration, can make the emails that they receive much more relevant. Through such relevancy, greater impacts are made.

Last but not least, content can be king. Therefore, keeping a steady stream of content, and leveraging it to your advantage can be key to your success.

To check out the original article on ClickZ, click here.