Click-To-Open Rates On Mobile Are Lagging?

Hi folks, as we’ve reported to you in the past, more and more people are reading their emails on the go, in fact, we even wrote an article about it that you can check out here. That said, according to reports from Yesmail Interactive, although more and more people each year open up their emails on their mobile devices, the click-to-open rates aren’t that high. In Q2, CTO (click-to-open) rates on mobile were 9.3%, not much in comparison to the CTO rates on desktops of 22.6%.

Many different factors contribute to this low CTO rate, Yesmail believes that screen size and attention span on-the-go have something to do with it. Furthermore, people are still making more purchases on their desktops than on their phones as well. And, doubly concerning, consumers that make purchases on mobile devices are less likely to do so again, 40% less likely than on their desktop! Yesmail offers some great advice to changing that though: Optimize/Simplify the payment methods on mobile devices through the “path to purchase” and “require the use of already set-up app.”

If you want to check out the Yesmail report, click here.