Simplify Your Emails!

Recently, John Lavey, the President and COO of Hammock, a specialized marketing services and media company, decided to completely transform and redesign the content of his newsletter to make it more simple (and more valuable). He wanted to change the content in his newsletter to make it into a learning experience for his audience. And, in doing so, better help them achieve their goals. In his words, “Speaking for myself and I think for a lot of other people, I don’t think many of us really care about the brands, we just really want help in doing things. We want answers and we want ways to learn how to do things better.?

To achieve his goal, John changed his newsletter so that it offered some great insight into marketing efficiently, while also explaining how to capitalize on those ideas. In his words, “Showing us how to use things to solve problems, and then, ‘Oh by the way, we’ve got the products or services to do that,’ that’s really the kind of marketing we believe in.”

Lavey and his team also renamed their newsletter the ?The Idea Email,? making it simple for his recipients to identify it, and, it’s purpose. Other changes included cutting down the content in the email? what was once a 5 to 7 article newsletter became only 350 words (total). Through this sheer simplicity, Lavey says, they’ve been able to drive a lot of conversation amongst their recipients, ?We do know it’s generating a lot more leads and conversation. Who cares about open rates on some level. What’s really mattered is the actual physical, tangible leads that have come out of it.? Though, in case you were wondering, Hammock has increased open rates by 48%!

In other words, Simple = Better! So… the next time you’re sending out your email marketing campaign, stop and ask yourself, is this both simple and valuable to my recipients? 🙂

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