Facebook Announces Jump In Encrypted Email!

More Security

According to Facebook, the billions of daily emails that they send to their users have become more and more secure since May. To understand why, here’s some background: STARTTLS is an extension of plain text communications protocols, and it offers a way to upgrade to an encrypted connection (e.g. TLS, SSL). And, in order for STARTTLS to have functionality, all parties must have it.

So, back in May, Facebook encouraged email service providers to also deploy it, and Microsoft and Yahoo took the lead. Now, 95% of Facebook’s outbound notification emails are encrypted, compared to just 28.6% in May. Below is a graphic highlighting the changes since May. And, in case you were wondering, DirectIQ has already adopted Transportation Layer Security to encrypt all of your emails 🙂

Does the good (more encrypted mail) has a bad impact on SPAM filtering?