When Is The Most Effective Time To Send Out Your Campaign?

Hello wonderful DirectIQ members! Let me ask you something – When is the most effective time to send out your email marketing campaigns? Honestly, it’s a question that can spark a lot of debate. According to a study back from 2012 by Marketing Sherpa, emails received on Tuesdays and Wednesdays were opened the most. But, recently, we had an article on our blog about the effectiveness of sending emails on the weekend that you can read by clicking here.

So, then, the question remains? When should you send out your campaigns? The answer is quite simple, it depends on your target audience – and figuring out the way they operate, and that can take a bit of time and observation.

David Kirkpatrick of Marketing Sherpa shared an interesting story that he heard from one of his team members about a case study he ran, and the results are extremely fascinating. The study targeted C-level company officials (e.g. vice presidents and so on), and found that those with the highest level positions among them, checked their emails in the 7AM to 9AM span of time. In other words, it’s always important to run tests and keep track of your results so that you can optimize your campaigns for your customers, and in turn, profit from doing so! 🙂

To check out David Kirkpatrick’s article, click here.