Two Simple Holiday Email Marketing Tips

Hello all! It’s almost Christmas time and the folks at DirectIQ all got together for a meeting to discuss how to achieve email marketing success during the holidays. After sitting around for about an hour and a half in our conference room (and eating some delicious bagels), we came up with a couple of pointers that we think every email marketer should follow during this holiday season. We will share two now, and some more in another blog post.

Brand Voice

It’s always important to maintain your brand voice during the holiday! If your brand is known to be funny/witty then continue to implement that persona in your email marketing campaigns throughout the holidays. Christmas and the New Year are perfect opportunities to not only establish a voice – but maintain it – because everyone pays super close attention to their emails during the holiday season as they look for promotions and discounts.

Subject Lines

Be concise when you write your subject line? We preach a great exercise here at DirectIQ? We ask that our users take a good look at their email campaigns and ask themselves what is the one takeaway is that they’d like their recipients to get? Once they figure that out, to take a moment and condense the campaign’s point into the subject line. Read our all you need to know guide to subject lines for more awesome tips!