Personalization In Email Marketing Is Highly Impactful

We’ve gone over the importance of personalization on multiple occasions – it’s an extremely necessary component to running a highly successful email marketing campaign. In fact, according to a recent study by Venturebeat, open rates always improve when using personalization. That said, according to a new study by the folks at SAP Hybris, personalization is not being utilized as much as it should be.

Real Time, Behavior Base Email Marketing

According to SAP Hybris research, only 16% of marketers “are able to capture customer intent and deliver real-time, behavior-based marketing across all channels.” That said, 66% of marketers in their study are under the impression that they do a “very good” or “excellent” job at personalization – this is a problem because only 48% leverage the data that they receive.

The Good News Is That Customers Are Smart And Patient

The worst part about these findings is in regards to how customers view the efforts marketers put into personalization? SAP Hybris commissioned Forrester to look into the concerns that some customers have, and as many as 45% of study respondents shared that they “delete most email offers and promotions without reading them.” Furthermore, 40% of customers admitted that they “feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive.” The good news is that customers are smart and patient, as 32% said that they would unsubscribe from a list that sends them too much email or that is not relevant. Here is one of the most important stats to consider: 66% of consumers shared that “personalized offers and content had an impact on their decision to purchase a product or service.” This is something that cannot be ignored!

The Contextual Marketing Imperative

Based on your current personalized marketing strategy, do you have any the following concerns