Mobile Devices Are Taking Over The World

How Mobile Has Affected Purchase Behavior

Is it any surprise that mobiles are finally taking over the email marketing world? Almost everyone has a smartphone now, and mobile optimization has become way too important for marketers to ignore. The folks at Yesmail ran an awesome study recently, that looked into how mobile has affected purchase behavior.

Their study showed that almost half (46.7%) of email clicks were on mobiles in Q3 of this year, a 33% increase from 2014. Strangely though, iPads still hold the title as mobile device that generates the most revenue at 43% compared to iPhones at 34%.

Percentage of mobile orders by device

iOS vs Android

That said, it seems as though the iPhone will takeover in the next few years because they improved from only 23% last year, and iPad fell from 58% of the mobiles orders. Android phones lagged behind their iOS competitors, accounting for 23% of orders in Q3 2015, but funny enough that number rose from 19% last year. On average, the order value on mobiles was $127.50, a 30.7% year over year increase – and the second time ever that the average has been $100 or higher.