Innovation Needed!

In a new Forrester study, ?Innovate with Email to Create Competitive Advantage,? it’s been reported that 58% of survey respondents found email marketing as an effective way of driving in sales. Furthermore, 73% found it effective in generating leads, and 66% in creating customer loyalty. Despite these great numbers, many of the marketers made mention that there needs to be some sort of innovation in the field, especially as boosting sales was their majority concern.

As many as 40% of the respondents were of the belief that personalization radically improves sales numbers. About 39% think that personalization should go as far as ?dynamic content,? in other words, content that changes based on the movements/actions of the email recipient.

Without a high level of email customization/personalization, many of the survey respondents believe they are not taking full advantage of their efforts. In fact, 42% of them fear customer attrition, and 41% were weary of a sales losses. In addition, 37% believed that a negative brand image can result from a lack of dynamic marketing email/content.

Shar VanBoskirk, Forrester VP, believes that it’s a ?competitive necessity? to take a ?customer-centric? approach to email marketing. That said, the Forrester study also reiterates that, ?email marketing still wins as the most cost-effective marketing channel for building and maintaining customer goodwill.? So folks, make sure you customize your emails as best as possible!