Email Marketing, By The Numbers

As you all know, Email Marketing continues to rank as the most effective marketing tactic out there, even despite the fact that 42% of adults delete emails with ads without even taking alook at them.

That said, it’s an improvement from last year, when 44% deleted such emails, and a large improvement from 2012, when 59% of adults deleted them without care. Furthermore, 41% of adults believed that such emails were a waste of time, whereas now, that number has dropped down to 38%.

All of this suggests something phenomenal for marketers looking to take advantage of the email mrekting scene: consumers are growing to respect marketing emails more and more each year, because they become increasingly beneficial to their puchasing needs (through promotions and special discounts). In fact, according to Forrester research, 19% of people gloss over their emails just to make sure that they’re not missing out on a promotional opportunity.