Gmail’s Inbox App Can Affect Email Marketing

As we mentioned in in previous blog post, Gmail rolled out a new app called ?Inbox? which scans your mailbox and pushes the most important information to the top of it. That said, not much has been said about the implications that an app like this could have for email marketers? so, we decided to write about it.

Subject lines may be optimized for search through various key-words, which means that great care should be taken in thinking of extremely relevant subject lines. There is no doubt that Inbox will filter emails based on subject lines, so be sure to be thoughtful, short and succinct!

Who is sending the email will be vital – because the Inbox app – like Gmail does with it’s categorization of ?Primary,? ?Social,? and ?Promotions,? – will also categorize emails based on who the email is sent From. In other words, much of my email marketing mail has gone into my promotions tab over the last year in Gmail? and, while this has done well for me in terms of sorting my email out, it also sometimes prevents me from seeing relevant offers and promotions. Therefore, take into account from where you are sending your emails, as that could also play a role in whether or not it shows up as something sensitive in the Inbox app.

Last, but certainly not least: Optimize for mobile! All of your emails should be optimized for mobile these days! Never forget that! 🙂