Bad Emails Are Bad For Business

Bad emailsHere, on our DirectIQ Email Marketing articles, we tend to focus on the positives effects of an awesome email marketing campaign, detailing how beneficial and essential they are to any business marketing strategy. For example, last week, we posted about a study that taught how combining your email marketing campaign with a Facebook ad campaign can make for awesome results. Today though, we are shifting gears – and we will share how bad emails can negatively affect your business, and why you shouldn’t make that mistake.

Bad emails can negatively affect your businessEmails that aren?t relevant to your customer’s needs, have little to no value to them. Over time, such irrelevance can lead to both a decreased amount of engagement, as well as lowered expectations. In turn, this can all come together to be extremely harmful to your brand’s perception. In other words, when something of value is offered to your recipient list, it automatically enhances its chances of reaching more people, as your email contact list becomes more likely to share it among their various social networks. But, when your email lacks value, it harms reach, brand perception, and most importantly, a more than favorable ROI? which is extremely attainable considering the price of Email marketing these days…

Email marketing is an extremely affordable tool, and it’s also an extremely direct one. Much more than social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, where your messages can get lost in the heap. Also, if you can use your customer data to your benefit when you run your campaigns, then be sure to do so, because combining the use of such valuable data with a well written valuable email, will surely bring you a ton of success.

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