Where Publishers Fail In Email Marketing

In a recent report by FOLIO and Lyris, it’s been found that companies in the publishing arena experience a lot of difficulty growing their email contact lists. In fact, as many as 54% of companies in the publishing industry say that this is their biggest issue. As an aside, if you are a DirectIQ user that is having a similar issues with growing your list, you should try out our new and improved Facebook widget – so that you can collect subscribers straight from your Facebook page!

That said, growing their lists is only one issue of many that publishing companies are experiencing right now, as 42% of those in the study claimed that dynamic content/personalization is a problem, along with 41% that claim list maintenance to be dragging down their email marketing efforts. The study had 182 respondents, all from different portions of the publishing industry (e.g. B@B, Consumer and Association publishers).

The study by FOLIO and Lyris study also looked into the goals and priorities that publishers had for next year. A whopping 60% of respondents want to improve list size, and 58% want to better their list and data quality, while 39% desire better mobile optimization – an email marketing must now that more and more people are accessing their emails from mobile devices. Furthermore, 34% of the publishers in the study reported their emails to be optimized for mobile, and 16% of them don?t know where to begin in doing so? While 19% plan to begin work on mobile friendly emails over the course of the next 12 months. Below is the full infographic breakdown on the ?Email Marketing Pain Points for Publishers.?

What are your key email marketing pain points?