Email Marketing Is Still Alive And Well

A recent study carried out by Gigaom, a firm dedicated to providing deep insights on disruptive companies and being the voice for emerging technologies, offers some great insights into how entrenched email marketing tactics are within companies? marketing strategies.

86% of the survey participants claimed that they employ email marketing campaigns, and 56% percent of them said that it’s an extremely effective strategy – especially as it scored highest in retention. Furthermore, 60% of the those surveyed will increase their spending on various digital marketing efforts.

Most effective at marketing objectives: Email

According to the study, ?The top three digital-marketing tactics receiving digital spend(ing) are social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing.? The proof is in the pudding, email marketing is alive and well – as represented by the first bullet point below in survey’s key takeaways section! So keep using our wonderfully intuitive DirectIQ email marketing platform!

Key takeaways

Here’s the link to the full Gigoam Report.

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