Gmail App Updated On Android

Last week, Gmail became optimized for the iPhone 6, and this week, they have announced an update on Android devices that’s sure to spark some happiness and joy for those managing multiple email accounts with various email services.

Gmail 5.0 is trying to set a new standard for email app integration, and it seems like they’re doing a pretty good job of it… It can be quite frustrating having an app for each email service provider that you use, and Google seems to have taken note of this with their newly designed and updated Gmail 5.0 for Android.

App users will be able to link their Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook accounts to their app, so that they can seamlessly slide from one inbox to the next, without having to exit the app to open up another. Furthermore, the updated app will be completely redesigned to add a fresher and brighter look. There is a new ?compose? button, and all of the icons have been updated. Take a look below at the new interface.