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Easy Email Designer

With the DirectIQ’s online Friendly EditorTM you can create professional email templates with ease!

Campaign Segmentation

Our user-friendly campaign setup page lets you start segmented email campaigns with just a few clicks.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your email campaigns with your Facebook and Twitter accounts with our free social media tools.

Inbox Preview and Testing

DirectIQ’s Mailbox PreviewTM and Spam DoctorTM tools allows you to test your templates with actual screenshots.

Why Our Clients Love Us

Email marketing is our favorite digital channel now, thanks to DirectIQ's fanatical support, and easy to understand reports.

Alexandra Chemla (Founder and CEO, ARTBINDER)

For many years, I've been using loads of email marketing software made by a variety of companies, for both personal and corporate purposes. DirectIQ is clearly the best and most user-friendly email marketing app I've used so far.

M.Akcicek (Digital Marketing Specialist, MITSUBISHI Temsa Global)

With its user-friendly interface and bullet-proof campaign metrics, DirectIQ is a very good business partner who listens to customer feed-back and evolves accordingly.

E.Tezel (Marketing & PR Manager, AEG FACILITIES Ulker Sports Arena )

We've been working with DirectIQ since 2011. More than a user friendly interface and speed, the possibility of finding one to one correspondence for support and guidance is DirectIQ's greatest strength.

S.Canber (Information Technology Specialist, SAKIP SABANCI MUSEUM)

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John Doe, ThemeForest

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John Doe, Dundler Mufflin

Enhance Your Email Skills

Accumulating a large subscriber list is essential but not sufficient for a successful email marketing campaign. [ Show More ]
If you send an email, will recipients read it? That answer depends largely on whether they are actually able to open the email itself. [ Show More ]
The ultimate goal of each email marketing campaign is to encourage subscribers to become customers or to upgrade their existing product sets. [ Show More ]

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