Why You Need To Commit To Email Marketing

In a new survey conducted by the folks at Message Systems, it was found that 50% of their 500 respondents didn?t want to receive any alerts or notifications from marketers. While this is understandable – because most people hate to be smothered – it’s still a very high percentage. That said, the other 50% was dominated by a large portion (25% to be exact) of respondents that said they prefer email as their mode of communication with brands, and that’s something that you should consider this holiday season. The survey also found that  the third and fourth most preferred channels for marketers were text (9%) and postal mail (7%), with social media lagging behind at 5%.

Favorite channel for brand messages

Shockingly, email also beat out the phone as the best customer service channel, as 32% of respondents said that they prefer communicating with brands through email, rather than calling them up and asking for assistance. Aside from telephone and email, 22% of respondents were more partial to other means of customer service.

Favorite channel for customer service