Mobile Vs. Desktop Usage Varies By Industry

Checking Emails Right When We Wake Up

These days people eat, sleep, and breath with their phones? quite literally. In fact, it’s a daily routine for many to check their email right when they wake up, and then run off to work to their desktops? and then at night, use their tablets. Movable Inks Q3 “Consumer Device Report” confirms this type of mobile and desktop usage?

Emails Opened On Mobile Devices

According to the Q3 “Consumer Device Preference Report” that was recently released by Movable Ink, 66 percent of their emails are opened on mobile devices. This is a trend that we here at DirectIQ believe will continue to rise year to year, as mobile devices become more popular, and consumers continue to adopt them. The graphic below demonstrates Movable Ink’s findings, notably, iOS devices reign supreme, as 59.43% of those in the report open them via mobile Apple devices. That is compared to the small 6.06% that open up emails on android devices. This is somewhat shocking, especially considering market share power.

Mobile vs. Desktop usage-Email opens by device

When Are Emails Opened?

The graphic below displays at which time emails were opened, and with which devices. Unsurprisingly, from 6am to 8am, those in the report woke up to check their email right away on their phones, and from 8am to 5/6pm a high rate of people began checking their email from their desktop. That said, desktops experienced an interesting dip at 12pm, a very popular hour for lunch, at which time there was a hike in the email accessed from mobile devices. Furthermore, tablets were more popular in the evenings, but still ranked as the least popular device to open emails with.

Mobile vs. Desktop usage-Email opens by time of day

Different Industries, Different Devices

The vertical breakdown mobile and desktop usage is also quite fascinating. Different industries are catered towards different devices. This could be based on the different work environments that each industry has come to offer. For example, Automotive, Travel/Hospitality, and Financial services companies lean on their Desktops for email access, whereas Media/Entertainment, Retail (Apparel), and Retail (Non-Apparel) access their email from mobile devices. For the most part, this seems to make

Mobile vs. Desktop usage-Email opens by vertical