A Short Guide To Holiday Email Marketing

Holiday email marketing

“Ho ho ho,” says one of the best marketers ever, Santa, as he slides down your chimney and into your hearts, delivering presents galore to you and your loved ones. The always cheerful Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nick, is perhaps the best marketer around, getting everyone excited for the holidays with an intoxicatingly fun spirit. Like Santa, email marketing is one of a kind, delivering an ROI of 4,300%, and acting as one of the best marketing channels available. And, if you’re good at it (which you will be after reading this short guide), on Chirstmas you might feel obligated to leave a second glass of milk, and a plate of cookies for the folks at DirectIQ that helped make sure your email marketing efforts didn’t go awry đŸ™‚

In 2013, the holiday shopping season was booming, as companies enjoyed an all time high for both average value of each order, as well as item per sale. Many contributed this to accessibility – with the induction of mobile shopping into everyday lives, it makes it that much easier for consumers to do what they do best, consume. That said, there were still some setbacks last year, especially in regards to conversions, as cart abandonment rates heightened, and because of this, conversion numbers were affected. As an aside, you might want to read this article on the upside to “bothering” potential customers that left their carts abandoned. For the most part, you’ll learn why it’s almost always better to hassle customers that have previously shown interest in buying your products đŸ™‚

… But anyway, we want to help you out this time around – so that the holiday shopping season is once again booming, but this time, without any setbacks. Here’s our short guide with some tips to email marketing during the holidays.

Holiday email marketing by mobile devices

1) Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to optimize your emails for mobile devices. Each year, the number of people that access emails from mobile devices rises. So, it’s no secret that in order to take advantage of this amazing outreach channel that is email marketing, one must take the time and care to make sure that all of your emails are looking beautiful when opened up on all of the different kinds of phones and tablets that are out there. In fact, you can use our awesome inbox preview tool to make sure that all of your campaigns look great when opened on various devices. Furthermore, take this stat from IBM into account: Sales in the U.S. via mobile devices on Black Friday 2013 leapt nearly 43% year-over-year to 21.8% of all site sales? and? Mobile site traffic reached a record 38.2% in March 2014. For more on how you can strengthen your mobile email marketing, take a look at the three pillars to mobile marketing success.

2) Adapt, Adapt, Adapt!!

Holiday shopping is not regular shopping. For the most part, buyers have to different reasons and motives than they do throughout the year when they are making their purchases. In other words, they aren?t necessarily thinking about themselves when shopping, but about the people that they’re shopping for. This means that you should adapt your emails content and navigation to make it easy for your subscribers to feel at ease, and motivated to shop. If you want conversions, then you must convert your holiday emails into a place of comfort and fun, and motivate consumers to do what they do best, consume!

3) Attract, don’t annoy!!

Last but not least, consider the frequency with which you are sending your emails. You want to find a an equilibrium between annoying and reminding potential customers that you are here, and prepared to help them with their holiday shopping. So, don’t hassle too much, and build relationships with your customers through personalization that will attract them đŸ™‚