Personalizing Email In The New Year

According to a new article on, email personalization will rise in 2015, especially as inboxes becoming more and more crowded each year. Erik Shulze, VP of customer experience and consumer strategies at Yes Lifecycle Marketing claims that “Inboxes are grossly becoming pretty busy places.” Here, at DirectIQ, we couldn’t agree more, especially as everyone has access to their email all the time from their mobile devices. Erik also mentions that, “The number of emails that each of us get increases each year; conversely, as the number of emails goes up, the engagement with those emails goes down.” In other words, personalization is not just becoming a tactic, but a necessity.

Shulze makes the awesome point that it’s not only about personalization, but building relationships with your contacts, “Personalization should be less about getting somebody to transact in a moment; it’s about relationship.” Furthermore, he explains that “Marketers should consider personalizing emails when the reader opens them rather than solely based on past behaviors or when the email is sent.” We couldn’t agree more, especially with the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to build lasting relationships with each and every contact on your list!

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