Is Your Gmail Account Is Like An External Hard Drive?

Permission To Feds And Cops To Access Email Accounts

Recently a New York court gave permission to feds and cops to access Sophos email accounts? In other words, the judge ruled that email accounts like Gmail for example, should be treated like hard drives. The judge’s opinion is stated below.

“In the context of suppression motions, courts have routinely upheld the seizure or copying of hard drives and other storage devices in order to effectuate a proper search for the categories of documents or files listed in a warrent.”

The issue with the ruling is quite simple to Sophos, who says that there is “no protocol” in how the search should go down, which allows for the government to take a look at almost any and all files whether rekated or unrelated to their investigation.

Criminals Leave Information And Evidence

According to the judge, criminals leave information and evidence scattered in different locations, and therefore allow gave him reason to allow access to email files.

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