Email Marketing For Law Firms

Email Marketing For Law Firms



Email marketing for law firms can enable teams to connect with potential clients and promote their services. When you send targeted, relevant email content to a segmented subscriber list, law firms can increase their brand awareness and successfully drive leads. This article will break down the key benefits of email marketing for law firms and also offer some tips.


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What are the benefits of email marketing for law firms



What are the benefits of email marketing for law firms?

Here are just some of the key benefits of email marketing for law firms:


Build relationships with potential clients

If you can establish a routine of sending relevant email content to your subscribers, this will enable your law firm to establish trust and credibility. Further down the line, you can use this trust and credibility to promote your law firm services. Email subscribers are more likely to become clients at your law firm as you have created a firm foundation of trust and credibility.


Generating leads

When executed effectively, email marketing campaigns are a powerful lead generation tool. To convert subscribers into clients at your law firm, you must take the right approach.


Promoting services

Even though promoting law firm services should not be at the forefront of your email content, it’s certainly a key benefit. You can use email as a marketing channel for promoting your services. If you offer different types of services, you can segment your email list and cater your content to different audiences. For instance, you can create content around personal injury law for families.


Cost-effective promotion

Compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is relatively inexpensive. This makes it an ideal choice for law firms of all sizes.


How can law firms effectively segment their email lists for targeted campaigns



How can law firms effectively segment their email lists for targeted campaigns?

A key benefit of email marketing is the ability to segment your communication for different audiences. You can use email segmentation to craft targeted email content for various target markets. Here are just some of the ways you can segment your email marketing:


Practice Area

You can segment your list based on the type of legal services offered, such as personal injury, business law, or even family law. This enables you to craft highly-relevant content that is likely to appeal to subscribers who have specific interests in those practice areas.


Geographical Location

You can segment your email list based on geographical location and deliver educational content that provides subscribers with information on laws that are specific to their state or county.




What types of content should be included in law firm email marketing campaigns?

This all depends on the end goal of the email marketing campaign. For instance, you may want to get as many client consultation calls booked as possible. If this is the goal, all the content you create and send to the subscribers should push the recipients toward booking a consultation call with your law firm. You can think of this as a marketing funnel.


Here are just a few examples of content you may wish to include in your emails:


Case Studies

Case studies are often a highly effective way to showcase your law firm’s expertise and attempt to demonstrate the results you have achieved for clients over the years.


Blog Posts

If you are creating blog content regularly, you can share this with your email subscribers by including links to individual articles in your email newsletters. This is a great way to squeeze more value from your blog content and turbocharge the value of your law firm newsletter.



Law firms can use email marketing to send newsletters that provide updates on the latest legal developments and trends.


Promotions & Discounts

When it comes to promoting special offers and discounts, email newsletters can play an important role in encouraging subscribers to take advantage of law firm services.


How can law firms measure the success of their email marketing efforts



How can law firms measure the success of their email marketing efforts?

To measure the success of your law firm’s email marketing efforts, you need to track a broad range of metrics. Here are just a few email marketing metrics that should be on your radar:


Open rates

Open rates are an indication of how many subscribers open your law firm’s emails. High open rates are a very clear sign that the subject lines and sender name are proving effective, and that subscribers are generally interested in the content landing in their inboxes.


Click-through rates

Click-through rates show how many people are clicking on links embedded in the email content. When you have a high click-through rate, this suggests that the content is proving both relevant and interesting to newsletter subscribers.


Conversion rates

How many people are taking action as a result of viewing your law firm’s email content? This is what conversion rates measure. From booking a consultation to completing a contact form, law firms will likely how different ways of measuring a conversion.


Bounce rates

A high bounce rate is a sign of an aging email list. If your law firm gets a high number of emails returned to the sender as undelivered, this means you have a high bounce rate. 


Unsubscribe rates

When you have a high unsubscribe rate, this suggests that your subscribers are generally not interested in the content you are sending to their inboxes. The easiest way to combat a high unsubscribe rate is to refocus your content and find new ways to provide value.


Law Firm Email Marketing (Try DirectIQ)



Law Firm Email Marketing (Try DirectIQ)

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