How To Make Money Email Marketing

How To Make Money Email Marketing



Do you know how to make money email marketing?


If you can learn how to harness the potential of email as a marketing tool, it’s remarkably easy to start generating revenue from email marketing.


From experience, the following three factors will make or break your email marketing efforts:


  • Your ability to build an email list of engaged subscribers.
  • Your willingness to craft compelling and engaging email content.
  • Your commitment to meeting the needs of your email subscribers.


The last point is perhaps the most important.


People subscribe to email newsletters for a reason.



How To Make Money Email Marketing (Solve Problems!)

The easiest way to make money in email marketing is to offer a solution to someone’s problem.


From wanting to learn about a topic to solving a specific problem, there is some type of reason behind their decision to subscribe to your email content. The stronger this reason is, the longer they are likely to stick around. But this is far from guaranteed. If you are failing to provide the reader with sufficient value, they are more likely to click the “unsubscribe” button.


Before you even attempt to craft an opt-in form for people to subscribe to your email content, ask yourself the following questions:


  • What is my email newsletter designed to achieve?
  • Why is my email content valuable to people?
  • How can I bring value to the reader?


These are three pivotal questions that should shape your entire email marketing strategy.


Think carefully about the problem you want to solve for your email subscribers. The bigger and more persistent the problem, the easier it is to keep your subscribers sticking around for the long term. While it’s tempting to hold value back and spread it across a series of emails, you should aim to pack every email with as much value as possible.


“You want to deliver to the world what you would buy if you were on the other end.” (Charlie Munger)


Let’s consider 8 practical ideas for how to make money email marketing.


How To Make Money With Email Marketing



How To Make Money With Email Marketing (8 Practical Ideas)

Here are just a handful of ways to start making money with email marketing.


  1. Sell products or services directly through email campaigns.
  2. Utilize email to drive traffic to your online store or website.
  3. Offer special deals or discounts to email subscribers.
  4. Sell advertising space in your emails to other businesses.
  5. Use email to promote affiliate products or services.
  6. Offer consulting or coaching services to email subscribers.
  7. Leverage email to promote and sell events or workshops.
  8. Use email to upsell or cross-sell related products or services.



How Newsletters Make Money (Best Way To Get Started)

Sure, some of these are far easier to execute than others. For instance, it’s typically more straightforward to promote an affiliate offer than it is to create your own product or service. If you are just getting started with email marketing and want to find a way to monetize your email list, finding a compelling affiliate offer that resonates with your subscribers is a good starting point.


Ideally, you should find an affiliate offer that provides a solution to a problem your subscribers are facing. If you have a broad subscriber list that includes people from all walks of life, you can use a platform like DirectIQ to segment your email list and send targeted emails to different personas. With a little creativity, there are plenty of ways to squeeze value from our list.



Making Money With Email Marketing (FAQs)


How much money can you make with email marketing



How much money can you make with email marketing?

The sky’s the limit! It all comes down to your approach. The most successful email newsletters have one thing in common: they all provide a tremendous amount of value. If you want to succeed at email marketing and generate some serious bank, you must pour your time and energy into crafting compelling email content that resonates with your email subscribers.


If you do not know where to begin with writing content yourself, make your life easier by hiring a ghostwriter. They will know how to condense your thoughts into an email that flows perfectly. You should focus on packing as much value as you can into every email. From the very outset, it’s critical to provide the recipient with some key takeaways and insightful snippets.



What is the 80/20 rule in email marketing?

The 80/20 rule in email marketing is the idea that 80% of your opens and clicks will come from 20% of your emails. When are looking for new subscribers, you need to know which ones will fall into the 20%. With this in mind, you should focus on narrowing the focus of your email newsletter and catering the content to a very specific audience with a specific problem.


For instance, if you are creating an email newsletter on lead generation, you could narrow the focus of the newsletter down by writing about B2B lead generation for bootstrapped SaaS companies. By exclusively writing content for bootstrapped B2B SaaS founders, you are more likely to resonate with individuals that would otherwise be on the fence about subscribing.


How do small email lists make money



How do small email lists make money?

Small email lists make money by staying focused on solving a particular problem for a very specific type of person. For instance, hw can a B2B bootstrapped SaaS founder generate leads for their business? This is a very specific problem. With a small list, engaging content, and a compelling affiliate offer, you can hit the ground running with email marketing.



Is email marketing hard to learn?

With a platform like DirectIQ in your corner, email marketing is remarkably easy to learn. All you need is the right systems in place and you’re off to a great start. DirectIQ is an email marketing platform that enables you to build engaging email campaigns from the ground up. You can segment your email lists and target subscribers based on different personas.


Are you ready to get started? Sign up for DirectIQ today. The best bit? It’s free.