Does Your Email ?Open? Matter?

We all know about the importance of a subject line, (and if you don?t, read more about it here), but is your goal to only make sure that your emails are opened? Depends on your campaign, but, for the most part many email marketers want their recipients to engage with their emails, not just open them. That said, we recently read a great blog post by David Brock, president of Partners in Excellence, who shared some really great points about how-to build relationships with your recipients.

David first points out that emails with high open rates contain subject lines that are all variations, for example: 1) RE:, 2) RE: Follow up, 3) RE: Update, 4) RE: Introduction, 5) RE: Checking in? David points out that these can be somewhat manipulative email subject lines that only cause your subscribers to ?open? the email, but that opening it is not really the goal.

David points out that email lists, usually made up of recipients that opt-in, don?t deserve solicitous sounding subject lines because they already stated interest in your emails through the action of signing up.  In other words, the content should interest the recipient, and through thought-provoking carefully written content, the open rate will rise and be a true indicator of your email engagement success. The ?open? is no doubt important, ?but it’s what the prospect does next that’s critical,? says David. And, here at DirectIQ, we couldn?t agree more!

To Read David’s blog post, click here.