Email Marketing Tips!

Hi all! At DirectIQ, it’s our mission to not only offer the easiest-to-use email marketing platform, but, to also offer as much insight as we can on how to run successful email marketing campaigns. So, we want to share a couple nice tips and tricks that can boost the status of your newsletter!  In a recent article by Daniel Faggella from CLVboost, he shared some insightful advice that was so awesome, and we’ve decided to share a piece if it with you!!!

Images, images, images!

Daniel points out that images are a proven way to raise your click-through rates. Apparently, one small image is more than enough to engage recipients, as too many pics can turn recipients off. In other words, having an aesthetically pleasing newsletter is important. Furthermore, Daniel makes the point that, “Images also have another important advantage: they help your customers to remember you and your products and services.? 

One note: We recommend that you don?t use too many images, as it can set-off spam triggers!

To check out the full article, click here.