A Key To Great Sales Emails

We all know about the importance of subject lines (Or, at least I hope we do!)? They can really make or break the success of a email marketing campaign. And, it doesn?t matter how great the content in your emails are, unless of course the subject line provides reason enough for your recipients to open and see them.

That leads us to the point of our blog post? In a recent report by the email tracking firm, Contact Monkey, it found that subject lines with ?two or less words? had an 80% open rate! Let me repeat that, an 80% open rate!

Apparently, it also found that simple subject lines are always the best. For example, the words ?update? and ?intro? earned a 90% open rate? And, ?Re? and ?Fwd? also received the same open rate. To give you an idea about how ineffective long subject lines are, all you have to know is that ‘subject lines with five or more words were opened less than 15% of the time.? So folks, the next time you send out a campaign, be sure to have a short, simple and effective subject line!

To check out ContactMonkey’s Infographic with all of their findings, click here.