Why Video And Email Marketing Will Go Hand In Hand In 2015

Recently, a new Summary was released by Invodo about the effects that video has on marketing efforts, and after checking it out, it’s safe to assume that video may soon be super connected to your email marketing efforts. Video’s presence has grown in many facets, from social media, to digital advertising and just overall in the everyday lives of Americans. Did you know, that last year in December 2013, 188.2 million Americans watched 52.4 billion online videos? ? This was the first time that the 50 billion video view mark was reached. With more and more people gaining access to smartphones, wearables and various other digital devices, it seems like video will also become more and more accessible as a result – and this is something that marketers must take advantage of, especially in email!!!

According to Invodo’s findings, shoppers who view videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase something than non-viewers. Furthermore, seeing is apparently believing, as Multichannel Merchant reports that 71% of consumers say that the best way to bring something to life is through video. As many of you know from reading our previous article on how media power will dwindle by 2016, digital marketing budgets will rise over the next couple years, and because of this, more money can and will be spent on digital video productions – particularly because 90% of consumers watch videos online.

Mobile Marketer explains that one of the advantages to watching videos online is that you are apparently three times more likely to click through it, something that you obviously can?t do on your tv set. In fact, eMarketer reports that spending on video ads grew 41.4% this year, and is expected to grow another 40% next year, and part of this steady growth is due to the fact that since 2006, video sharing rates have increased by 50x.

Considering that Email marketing has a ROI of 4300%, you should certainly consider the benefits of running a campaign with video, you will not only improve engagement, but also conversion. Just last year 58% of marketing professionals worldwide said that digital video ads were driving better engagement than TV, and that number is sure to improve, so we recommend giving a video campaign a spin considering all of the stats we shared above 🙂