Avoiding Spam And Scams In 2015

The DirectIQ team hates one thing more than anything else in the world: Spam. On a continuous quest to avoiding spam and scams we pride ourselves on making sure that none of our users are spamming or scamming their email recipients, and if/when they try to, we block their campaigns like Shaq. We are a spam free product people! That said, we want you to know the ways in which you can prevent yourself from being spammed, scammed and taken advantage of through email… So without further ado, here’s our post on staying internet safe.

Though many email clients already come well equipped with spam blockers, limiting the amount of email that comes through to your mailbox is still a good way to prevent yourself from being spammed. In fact, having two email addresses – one for work/personal messages, and one for play/promotions/events/company signups, can both help in sorting out your email, and also restrict and prevent spamming from occurring to your more important email address. These days there are also disposable email addresses that forward your messages to your more personal email, and you can easily shut them down once they begin being spammed too much.

As a quick aside: OnGuardOnline.gov, the US government’s website also has some really good suggestions on how to keep your inbox safe, and it’s definitely worth checking out. One of their suggestions regarding email safety, is about limiting public of your email address. It’s important that your email isn’t accessible by the whole world, so when possible, keep it off websites and forums that you don’t necessarily have to submit it to. Or, like we mentioned earlier, submit another email address that’s less important or meant for such submissions to blog rooms, social networking sites and chatrooms.

Our last piece of advice, keep your computer updated with the latest security software! Malware can easily  be spread by hackers and spammers on your computer if it’s not protected, and such malware programs can relay spammy emails to you. This is something that can certainly be prevented, but it’s worth knowing how important it is to update your computer security software at any given opportunity so that you’re emails are as safe as they can be 🙂

In case you want to learn more about spam, check out our post on everything you need to know about anti-spam laws and spam.