Which Email Client Is The Most Popular?

Apple’s iPhone Is Vaslty Becoming Another Popular Player

For a while now, the most popular email client has been Microsoft’s Outlook. Recently though, interesting statistics were released by Litmus on email market share and popularity, and they indicated that Apple’s iPhone is vaslty becoming another popular player in the game. This is somewhat surprising, espcially considering that there are 500 million active businesses using Outlook, Outlook Exchange, and also web based versions of Outlook.

Email Client Market Share

Outlook Still Does Maintain A Large Hold On The Email Client Market

But this can all be explained: A large number of individuals use their iPhones just to check their emails, but don’t reply with them. In fact, many iPhone users only use Apple’s email client to get email updates and then use other email clients to respond (e.g. Outlook, GMail). While the popularity of Outlook has decreased over the past decade, it still does maintains a large hold on the email client market. And it seems like it will continue to do so for some time in the future. That being said,

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To check out the Litmus website and follow their ‘Email Client Market Share’ page, click here