What Americans Look For In Promotional Emails

What kind of promotional emails do your subscribers want to receive? It’s a tough question, and it deserves a legitimate answer — backed up by evidence. That’s where a new study by Listrak and Harris Poll comes into play: they took a look at how Americans respond to emails, and learned that 80% of respondents found it helpful when products were recommended to them based on their previous search results.

Though the survey included 2,000 consumers, the 72% of them that read the promotional emails were the center of attention for Listrak and Harris Poll, as 69% of them reported that they appreciate and have a preference for retargeting ads that display products that they have previously taken a strong interest in. Furthermore, 67% of respondents favor product recommendations as they do their online shopping.Regarding personalized promotions, 40% of consumers in the study shared that products sorted by price were very important to them, and new items (39%) to be second, while highly rated products (38%) was third on their list.

One issue for many marketers is email frequency, and not hassling their potential customers, while at the same time keeping them aware of their promotional deals. 44% of those in the survey received about 5+ emails from various brands, and 21% shared that they received about 9+ promotional emails. While this seems like way too much, Listrak CEO, Ross Kramer, thinks that it isn?t too much of an issue as long as the emails that are being sent to them are both relevant and useful, ?Too much of an irrelevant thing is a bad thing? Too much of a relevant thing has become a good thing.?