State Of Marketing In 2015: A Summary

Most marketers wonder if their efforts are ?right,? ?positive? and ?going to make an impact,? and almost every marketer also worries, ?how does what I?m doing, or what I?m planning on doing, compare to what everyone else is doing?? At DirectIQ, we share similar concerns, though we never shy away from who we are and what we pride ourselves on — giving our users the easiest email marketing platform out there, and offering the friendliest, most-attentive customer support.

Though that may be the case, like you (and other marketers out there), we can?t help but wonder what’s on the mind of other marketers… until of course we read the Salesforce ?2015 State of Marketing? report, which subsequently calms our fears as we have a better idea about the thoughts and directions that all you marketers plan to go in this year. Luckily for you, we’ll will share some of this report’s awesome and most important findings and highlights below ­čÖé

Let’s start with this: Spending – ┬áMost marketers plan to increase their budgets in social media advertising, and social media marketing with 70% of the 5000 global marketers agreeing on this. Further highlighting this, is that 67& of the marketers agreed felt social media engagement needed more investment. After social, Mobile was agreed as another digital spectrum in need of investment, as 66-67% of surveyors admitted that Location-based mobile tracking and mobile applications must be improved.

Marketing Challenges: Those surveyed named 3 critical challenges for 2015. The first being new business development, and the second, quality of leads — clearly those two issues could potentially improve with the agreed need for social media investment we mentioned above. The third challenge, the one that we all fear: Remaining up-to-date with current marketing technology and trends.

Surprising findings: A new trend for marketers is in regards their need to fulfill high levels of customer satisfaction. The success metric for most marketers this in 2015 with be revenue growth at 32%, tho many marketers (30%), will do so through customer satisfaction.

The coolest finding for us at DirectIQ was in regards to email, obviously: 20 of marketers reported that 20% of their primary revenue source to be intrinsically connected to email operations, up from 16% last year. Furthermore, 60% agreed that Email is a critical enabler of their products/services, up from 42% last year. Each year it seems more marketers are both realizing and experiencing the value of email, and you should too, by taking advantage of our free trial here. The report found that only a meager 3% to feel email was not likely to produce a ROI, while the rest thought otherwise.

Is email marketing producing ROI?

To check out the entire Salesforce survey, download it here.