Send Abandoned Cart Reminder Emails!

Cart abandoned… it’s something that we’ve talked about a couple times in the past, and we won?t stop emphasizing how a simple followup email can boost your ROI. In fact, in a report by the folks at Surepayroll, they reported that cart abandonment can account for as much as 18 billion dollars of lost revenue. That’s right, 18 billion dollars! Want to hear another harrowing stat? According to the folks at SaleCycle, 35.5% of clicks on cart reminder emails lead to purchases. So, if you’re not on the ?cart abandonment email? train, you should consider getting on it soon (now!).

Furthermore, for every cart reminder email sent, $5.64 is the revenue generated? this can?t be ignored.  The SaleCycle study, also showed that only 21% of the retailers surveyed has a cart abandonment email program in place. On a more positive note, of that 21%, 60% of retailers in included an image of the product that their potential consumer left in their cart, and 40% only sent one email reminder (something we’ll touch on soon).

One thing all of you email marketers should consider adding to your cart reminder emails: Promotions!!! A recent Return Path study showed that most consumers receiving marketing emails want promotions. Unbelievably, when Visual Web Optimizers polled online shoppers, 54% of them admitted that if prompted with a promo, they would return to their abandoned cart to finish their purchase? and 72% of millennials said they would do the same.

Another piece of advice, don?t send one cart reminder, send at least two! Return Path reported that when consumers receive a second reminder, there is a 50% increase in revenue from abandoned carts? a third message increases it by 56% (compared to sending one). All of this leads us to our point: No abandoned carts left behind!!! With email marketing budgets on the rise, it’s time to spend money wisely, and take advantage of these surefire tactics to reach the highest ROI possible!