Email Marketers Are Ready To Grow In 2015

The folks at Venture Beat Insight are currently doing some really awesome email marketing research by collecting super insightful user data. Through this research, they are hoping to explain why email marketing is primed to grow in 2015 and garner an increase in both budget and attention. Though VB Insight’s research isn?t yet complete, they’re claiming email to be the ?highest revenue generating marketing channel.” They also say that it’s ?Poised to increase in budget, scope, and importance, particularly as both the platforms and marketers smarten up.? That said, VB Insights believes that marketers are not effectively leveraging the data available to them. Furthermore, they think marketers aren?t using the tools necessary (and available to them) to make complete use of all the power email marketing has to offer.

Their research first focuses in on which devices customers are using most to read their emails. According to their results, 18% of participants claimed that they ?don?t know,? whereas the rest were divided between mobile phones at 41%, and desktop/laptop at 40%. As an aside, it’s worth knowing that people check their email from different devices, and at different times of the day based on what industry vertical they’re in. Don’t believe us, read more about it here.

Where do your customers most often read emails?

When survey participants were asked how they track revenue generated through email marketing, a shocking 30% of respondents claimed that they didn?t know. On the opposite end of the spectrum, 45% claimed that they use integrated web analytics software to track revenue, and in third place, respondents said that they make use of their Ecommerce dashboard for it’s revenue tracking software.

How do you track revenue you generate via email marketing?

Now onto the more exciting figures… VB Insight data shows ?an average of 222 percent ROI on the cost of their email services.? This number is baffling: If marketers maintain such a great ROI from email marketing then they need to be up-to-date on how to constantly improve upon their work. The good news is that marketing managers and teams are slowly learning how beneficial email marketing actually is. In fact, survey respondents declared that due to it’s effectiveness, they will use email marketing more in 2015 than they did in 2014, beating out Social Media, Display Advertising and Search. Only time will tell if marketers begin to take the necessary strides to use data correctly within their email marketing strategies, but it is encouraging news that a rise in their budgets in 2015 will only be able to help them do so.

Which will you be using more of in 2015, as compared to 2014?