Email Marketing Is Best For Customer Engagement

A really interesting new study by the folks at RAI and was recently released. It’s pretty interesting and it offers some awesome tips and insight into how highly Indian marketers view email marketing tools. For the third year running, RAI and Octane looked into retailers (80+) best practices. The retailers consisted of both ?industry rule setters to budding startups operating as single or multi brands in online and offline domains.? The study took place from April 20th to May 19th, 2015 and found some truly insightful facts that we’re obviously going to share with you – our lovely blog readers 🙂

85% of the Indian marketers that took part in the study claimed email marketing to be an important channel to their marketing… This is the third year running that email marketing has made the top three marketing channels list.

Adding to the importance of email marketing are these three things:

1) The fact that 95% of Indian marketers find that mobile device experience is important or very important to their marketing strategies… This means that mobile optimization and generally optimization across all of devices is extremely important.

2) All online retailers find cart abandonment to be a huge issue, and the best way to combat it is email marketing. In fact, cart abandonment programs can increase additional revenue by 10-15%. The folks at Superpayroll reported that cart abandonment can account for as much as 18 billion in lost revenue, and for every cart reminder email, $5.64 is the revenue generated from it. Read more on the importance of cart abandonment follow up emails here, and here.

3) 58% of retailers shared that their main marketing goal for 2015 is customer acquisition, and there is no better way than email marketing to fulfill that need? because it works, and it’s cheap!