Email Marketing In The UK Emails

Some interesting news recently came out of a report by the folks at Movable Ink. According to their study, mobile email marketing may have failed to live up to it’s potential in Q1 2015 in the UK. While more and more people are regularly checking their emails on their smartphones, it seems as though a bulk of conversions are still occurring on desktops. While mobile commerce is certainly taking place on smartphones and tablets, the transition from desktop to mobile purchasing has not occurred at the predicted pace. Movable Ink’s analysis of 27,305 retail emails showed that only 25% of conversions occurred on mobile, whereas 37% took place on tablets, and 39% on desktops. Tablets seem to be picking up the pace where smartphones are failing.

Email conversions by device

That said, mobile opens are steadily rising – in fact, they hit an all time high, as 71% of opens occurred on smartphones and tablets, compared to only 29% on desktops. These stats make make the conversion rate on desktops very interesting – and they point to potential optimization problems on a mobile scale. Perhaps the customer journey is much simpler on desktop than it is through mobile. As an aside: we recently wrote about the benefits that retailers can experience through optimizing across all devices (definitely worth the read). It comes as no surprise that there is a correlation between the conversion rate and click-through rate experienced on desktop. Upon taking a look at 2.2 million emails, Movable Ink found that 39% of clicks took place on desktop, compared to 34% on smartphones and 28% on tablet.

Email opens by time of day

One more cool finding in the study was in regards to when people in the UK opened their email: It was found that nighttime is one of the best times to send emails – because most recipients open it up right when they wake up in the morning.