When Email Marketing, Personalized Email Is Paramount!

Why personalized emails are always being more and more successful than generic ones? The folks at Autopilot recently ran a pretty insightful study that looked into the top marketing channels available for businesses to communicate. Like in other similar studies that we’ve written about – email marketing once again shows why it’s so effective. That being said, we’re happy to deliver more of the findings 🙂

The study took place in August and polled 1,200 consumers in total. 51% of respondents declared that they are most likely to engage with a company’s marketing efforts through their emails. In second place, advertisements reigned supreme at 25%, and social media was third at 22%. That said, it’s worth emphasizing that neither of those two came close to email!

As we’ve also stressed, personalization in this day and age is a must when it comes to email. And 72% of survey respondents claimed that when they received marketing material that is not personalized, they get frustrated. They expect that their interests and past purchases be relevant when marketed to through various mediums. In fact, Autopilot found that when presented with content that is personalized, consumers are four times more likely to respond – this compared to 17% when it is not personalized. Side note: The unsubscribe rate decreases when content is personalized. Furthermore, if their is a visual of the sender, it was found that respondents were 70% more likely to respond as well. When a personal connection is established, 55% of respondents claimed that they would be more likely to respond to an email.

Below are the most important aspects of marketing materials were ranked by consumers:

Timeliness: 65%

Expert knowledge: 61%

Offer personalized to their needs: 49%

Hope you email marketers take all of this info into consideration when running your email marketing campaigns!!!