Gmail Now Has A Block Sender Option To Fight Spam!

Gmail’s “Block Sender” Option

Google’s Gmail team is putting it’s foot down on senders that are abusing their privilege to email you. They recently added a feature that allows Gmail users to block any sender that they’d like. It’s a little-known feature, but back in 2015, Google added a ‘block sender’ option to Gmail. As an administrator, you can help prevent spam and malicious email by adding email addresses or entire domains to a blocked senders list. This way, you’re automatically rejecting messages from them. A blocked senders setting applies to users depending on their organizational unit. You can block messages by address or domain for everyone in your organization. Or, you can create different settings for different departments.

To do so, open up an email in your Gmail account, and on the upper right corner you’ll see a drag down option, click it. Upon clicking it you will see a “Block: (sender)” option. See sample below!

Block: (sender) option

Before it was introduced, users had to create a specific email filter to ensure that certain emails didn’t end up in their inbox.

Spam is probably the number-one reason you’ll want to block emails on Gmail. Spam accounts for around 45% of all emails sent, or approximately 14.5 billion spam emails a day.
Of course, not all email senders you’ll want to block are going to be spammers. There are occasions where you may have personal contacts or single senders that you need to block. No matter the case.

Whether you want to block or unblock someone on Gmail, the steps are mind-numbly easy. You can block and unblock someone as many times as you want and the sender will never suspect that their Emails are blocked.

Gmail also announced that this feature will rollout for the Android Gmail app this. In addition to blocking emailers, you can also unsubscribe from the drag-down menu on Android as well. See below for examples, and take control of your inbox!!!

Take control of your inbox-Block

Take control of your inbox-Unsubscribe