India E-Marketing Goals For 2015

As all of our regular blog readers know, we feature news from around the globe regarding ecommerce and email marketing – we do this to keep everyone up to date on everything that can affect the success of their email campaigns around the world. Today, we focus on India, because a super awesome study by Octane Research was recently released and sheds light on what Indian e-marketers hope to focus on in 2015. It surveyed 465 marketers from a total of 399 organizations for the benefit of the study.

Let’s start with mobile: 33% of marketers in the survey report that over 50% of their emails are being accessed on mobile devices – which isn?t too surprising considering that each year more and more people gain access to smartphones. In fact, Indian marketers report a year-over-year growth of 25%, with 39% of marketers in banking, financial services and institutions (BFSI) reporting the same.

Email Marketing: For years, content had been the biggest issue affecting deliverability, but in 2015 Indian marketers believe it will now be frequency and volume. And, since 2011, sender reputation has increasingly become more of an issue for marketers, with Octane reporting that since 2011, there has been a 66% increase in it’s importance/concern. Despite this, 51% of the marketers believe that reaching out to target audiences is their biggest challenge, but that number has gone do/wn from 66% in 2014. That said, BFSI found that inadequate segmentation was more of an issue for them.

Content Marketing: Of those surveyed, 61% agreed that blogs and newsletter were the best tools for content marketing strategies. Though, for other sectors like Education, Retail ( e-commerce), and travel, social media happened to be their favorite outlets for content marketing.

A couple more findings: Although Brand awareness has grown over the course of the last couple years to be a top goal for marketers at 80%, it took a backseat this year, dropping by 32%. It’s also worth noting that 72% of those surveyed believe websites to be the primary e-marketing activity for 2015, though the sectors of retail and e-commerce, shared that email marketing will be their primary focus for the new year – which DirectIQ is glad to hear 🙂