Email Marketers Want To Improve CTR

There are many different aspects of an email marketing campaign that can contribute to it’s effectiveness, so it comes as no surprise that there are also many different ways to gauge how successful your campaign is – or has been. Earlier this month, the folks at Ascend2 ran a survey because they were very interested in finding out how most email marketers judge whether or not their campaigns have been triumphant or not – and they found some pretty interesting results.

The Ascend2 survey took place earlier this month, and it contained responses from a ton of marketers around the world. Most of them agreed that when assessing the results of their email campaigns, they ranked Clickthrough rate (CTR) as one the most important in determining success. In second place, 71% of marketers chose conversion rate as a good indicator of a great campaign. It was the only one that came close to CTR.

When asked what the biggest challenges are to email marketing success, 53% of email marketers agreed that low clickthrough rates, and a lack of effective strategy (41%), are their biggest issues. At 32% and 31%, marketers said that they lacked quality content and internal resources. That said, in 5th place, respondents shared that they lacked list hygiene – and issue we wrote about months ago. Apparently, marketing data degrades by 3% every month, so it’s super important to keep data fresh.

Leading Challenges to Email Marketing Success According to Marketing Professionals Worldwide, May 2015

Interestingly, Ascend2 asked respondents how they believed they could fix their CTR problems, and most of them (65%) claimed a meaningful call-to-action as the the most effective tactic, but also voted it as the second most difficult tactic to employ. They all felt that list segmentation and message personalization were the second and third most effective tactics for email marketers – but admitted segmentation to be the most difficult one to utilize.

Most Effective vs. Difficult Tactics for Increasing Email Marketing CTR According to Marketing Professionals Worldwide, May 2015