Biggest Sources Of Spam In 2014


Through our continuous quest in analyzing the biggest sources of spam we noticed that the largest spam sources don’t always come from the largest countries.

Kaspersky Lab‘s new report on the geographical distribution of unsolicited emails by country showed little change in 2014 while Philippines climbed up from 20th to 11th place. The rankings of other countries in the list didn’t saw much change though.

According to the Inquirer’s article on the Kapersky’s report, top countries where spam emails are originating from:

  1. China 21.93%
  2. USA 18.81%
  3. S. Korea 12.95%
  4. Russia 6.45%
  5. Taiwan 5.71%
  6. India 3.56%
  7. Vietnam 3.18%
  8. Ukraine 2.25%
  9. Romania 1.92%
  10. Japan 1.92%
  11. The Philippines %1.23

The same report showed that the percentage of spam in total email traffic saw little decrease (only 0.16%) comparing with the same period of 2013.

As for the most targeted regions, USA once again topped the list of countries most frequently targeted by malicious emails. USA has been followed by UK and Germany.

Rise of Mobile Email

The Kapersky Lab’s report showed that the popularity of email clients on smartphones and tablets has triggered the emergence of spam targeting those devices.

You can read the full Spam in Q1 2014 Report here with in-depth analysis.