7 Best Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines (Boost CTRs This February)

7 Best Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines



The best Valentine’s Day email subject lines should intrigue and excite your readers. They should grab the reader’s attention and make them want to open the email to find out more.


Straight off the bat, here are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day email subject lines:


  • [First Name], Love is in the Air! 
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Us! 
  • Surprise Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day 
  • Make Their Heart Skip a Beat This Valentine’s Day 
  • Time to Say ‘I Love You’ 
  • Romantic Ideas for This Valentine’s Day 
  • A Special Gift from Us to You


Let’s face it, without a solid Valentine’s Day email subject line, nobody will even look at the email. So, make sure to put some thought into your subject line and make it stand out from the crowd! 


The most important thing is to keep it short and sweet – no more than a handful of words. People are constantly bombarded with emails so yours needs to stand out from the clutter.


Finding the perfect balance of words that will grab the reader’s attention is key. Make sure you come up with something creative and unique, while still conveying your message.



What is the best Valentine’s Day email subject line?

If we had to pick one that we think truly encapsulates the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it would have to be: “[Name], Love Is In The Air!”

This simple, yet effective subject line is personalized and ensures the reader will be instantly intrigued.

It conveys exactly what you want to say and no more – perfect for Valentine’s Day!  With this subject line, your readers will know immediately what the email is about.

An effective Valentine’s Day email subject line will include the following components:

  • Personalized greeting
  • Emotional language 
  • Intriguing message 
  • Short and sweet 
  • Creative and unique

Using these components, you can craft the perfect Valentine’s Day email subject line that will make your readers want to open the email and read on.


How can you write Valentine's Day email subject lines

How can you write Valentine’s Day email subject lines?

Let’s go back to basics. An email subject line must entice the reader to open the email and read what is inside. To achieve this, you should:


Focus on the recipient

Rather than writing a generic email subject line, customize it to the recipient – include their name and a personalized message.

This will grab the recipient’s attention and make them more likely to open the email.

For instance, if you have segmented your recipients by gender, you could write “Ladies, love is in the air!” or “Gents, it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day!”


Use emotive language

The key to an effective subject line is to use emotive language. This means using words that convey emotion, such as “romantic”, “heartfelt” or “special”. These emotional words will strike an emotional chord and potentially intrigue the recipients enough to open the email.


Create a sense of anticipation 

The goal is to create a sense of mystery and intrigue that will make the reader want to open the mail. For example, “Unlock this Valentine’s Day surprise!” or “We have something special for you”. This will spark curiosity in the reader and make them excited about what’s inside the mail. 


Be creative

Be creative and come up with something unique. Try to avoid cliches such as “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “Valentine’s Day Special”. Instead, be bold and come up with something different that will really stand out from the crowd.


Make it unique

By utilizing these tips, you can create an effective Valentine’s Day email subject line that will make your readers open the email and read your message!  With a creative and personalized approach, your readers will be sure to appreciate your effort.

When writing your Valentine’s Day email subject lines, take the time to make sure they are as enticing as possible.

After all, it’s the first thing your readers will see and can make or break their decision to open the email.

Make sure you put some thought into it, and you will be able to entice your readers this Valentine’s Day.


Why do Valentine's Day email subject lines matter

Why do Valentine’s Day email subject lines matter?

This is the first hurdle that your readers will have to cross when deciding if they should open your email or not. A creative and enticing subject line can be the difference between getting your message across, or having it get lost in the crowd.

Valentine’s Day emails are special because it is a day of love and romance, so make sure you include words that reflect this. This will help your readers relate to the message, and make them more likely to open the email. 

By taking the time to craft a perfect Valentine’s Day email subject line, you can ensure that your recipients open your emails and engage with your content! So, don’t forget to get creative and show some love in your Valentine’s Day emails this year.


What is the best Valentine's Day email template

What is the best Valentine’s Day email template?

Rather than using topical-specific templates, you should start with a regular template and build out the content with topical references from there.

This means you can access a broader range of templates and not rule anything out. You can then shift the content’s focus onto Valentine’s Day and include references to love, romance, and gifts.



Where can you find Valentine’s Day email ideas?

Start by taking a look through a few basic email newsletter templates and seeing what catches your eye. Once you have a few ideas in mind, it’s time to start customizing the content and making it Valentine’s Day-specific.

You can also look at other brands’ emails for inspiration or check out other content dedicated to Valentine’s Day. They will be packed with creative ideas that you can use in your own emails. 

If you’re still stuck for ideas, simply look at what other brands are doing around Valentine’s Day and use it as a starting point to come up with something unique of your own. With a bit of creativity and some research, you’ll be sure to create an eye-catching email.


How can you set up Valentine's Day email campaigns

How can you set up Valentine’s Day email campaigns?

To set up a successful Valentine’s Day email campaign, you’ll need to plan ahead. Begin by setting clear goals and objectives for your campaign, such as increasing sales or website visits.

Once you know what you’re aiming for, it’s time to create the content and design. Again, start with templates that are suitable for all occasions and tweak them to be Valentine’s Day-specific. 

DirectIQ has a full range of templates for you to leverage. This will save you time and allow you to hit the ground running with your Valentine’s Day email campaign. 

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