7 Email Marketing Templates You Can Start Using Today

If you are a small business, email marketing templates can be extremely handy. They are designed to be easy-to-use, adaptable, and fit in with any campaign.There are hundreds of thousands of templates out there, many of them free. At DirectIQ, we provide email templates as a part of our services, both for free and paid users.A good template must have the following features:

  • Header: This is the part that holds your brand name. Ensure it is clear and matches the color scheme of your site. It’s the first thing subscribers see when they open your email, so make it count.
  • Main body: Where the main content goes. Consider the message and the tone you want to set. Should it include images or will it be plain text? There are templates that can structure the email content for you with boxes. Others have a blank canvas so you can be creative.
  • Footer: All marketing emails need to include a physical address and an unsubscribe link. It’s a legal requirement in many countries. The footer is a good place to include them. It’s also handy for other contact details (see our next point.)
  • Social media icons: An increasing number of emails now have icons to allow subscribers to share the email through social media. This is a powerful way to increase its reach.
  • Be responsive: Emails need to look good across multiple devices. With over 50% of emails being opened on mobile, this is more important than ever. Look out for single column templates and test to see if it looks good on desktops, tablets, and phones. At DirectIQ, we offer the ability to test and preview your emails before you send them to your subscribers.

Of course, there is a lot more you can do to personalize your email marketing campaigns, and we have shared some more tips on how to start an email marketing campaign on Website Planet especially related to planning the right budget and how focusing on engagement helps increase the ROI of any newsletters campaign.

Let’s have a look at seven of the best examples DirectIQ has to offer. Remember, you are able to retain complete control over the images and content:

1. Hero

HeroThis template is a favorite of our clients. The image led theme is perfect for apparel brands. The ability to add call to action (CTA) buttons can boost your conversion rates. It also has clearly distinguishable headers and footers, which can be used to maintain brand consistency. The clear social media icons enable you to extend the email’s reach. The overall design is good for the young, funky, and female crowd. If you’re looking to appeal to both genders, there are other color combinations available. Good For:

  • Fashion brands
  • Art businesses
  • Music and entertainment

Similar Example:Pacsun(Source: Pacsun.com)Apparel store, Pacsun, follow a similar template but note how it lets the images do the talking. There’s very little in the way of text. The mention of free shipping over $30 is a good tactic to improve conversion rates.

2. Travel

TravelThough designed with the travel industry in mind, this template could be applied across a variety of niches. A simpler format than the ?Hero? theme, this suits those who would rather take a more formal approach. The straightforward two-color theme leads to a focus on the content.The header and footer are separated from the main body of the email by clever image placement. The two- color theme makes the CTAs stand out against the white background.Good for:

Similar Example:American Airlines(Source: Aa.com)American Airlines utilize the format to great effect. Being close to water is known to have a calming influence, so using idyllic beach scenes is a smart move. The airline uses the template to promote a range of deals and allows the reader to click straight into booking a vacation. An excellent example of letting the products sell themselves.

3. Grey MatterGrey Matter

If you are intending to sell multiple products, then this is the template for you. The list structure makes it easy to follow. Once again the white background draws the reader’s attention to the content. The red CTAs stand out due to the contrast with the overall color scheme.There is room to create a heading for each product with a paragraph or bullet list of further details. For the main feature image, you can take the opportunity to explain the purpose of the email. The yellow circles can be useful to promote special offers.Good for:

  • Apparel stores
  • Accessories
  • Sports stores

Similar Example:LOccitane(Source: Loccitane.com)French cosmetics giant L?Occitane use the list format to ask for customer feedback. The design focuses the reader’s eyes on the products. There is no doubt about the purpose of this email. It’s an effective method to keep subscribers engaged with the brand.

4. Voyager

VoyagerThe straight to the point nature of this email caters for the short attention span of the average email reader. The mix of images and list structure is scannable and eye-catching. There isn?t much need for written content other than to say the destination or product and its price. The CTA is labeled in a markedly different color from the rest of the design.This is popular with products that effectively ‘sell themselves.? For example holidays or Christmas presents. It’s the value that needs selling.Good for:

  • Airlines
  • Special deal sites (Groupon)
  • Wine stores

Similar Example:Easyjet(Source: Easyjet.com)British budget airline, easyJet, takes an innovative approach with this design. The highly personalized email entices the reader into looking at destinations like Amsterdam. The snippets of information are enough to generate intrigue and get the subscriber clicking through to find out more.

5. The Event

The EventThis email template is direct and perfectly designed to promote events. Unusually, the brand name comes on the bottom, with the headline focusing solely on the event itself. Yet the principle remains true.The header gives you the opportunity to outline the event. For example, if it’s a business networking event then the font should be professional, supplemented with a sensible image. Alternatively, for a music concert, you can be more creative.For such a simple theme, it’s a versatile option for a variety of events.Good for:

  • Networking events/Conferences
  • Music concerts
  • Sporting events

Similar Example:General Assembly(Source: Generalassemb.ly)The key to this email from professional course provider, General Assembly, is that it’s concise. Reminding people ?It’s Only a Day Away? is a subtle way to push an urgent message. The only other details are the date and location. That’s it. Efficient yet friendly.

6. Tech Announce

Tech AnnounceA perfect email if you have an announcement or wish to share a single message. This template allows you to deliver it in a stylish way. The faded background image complements the main body of the email and your eyes are focused on the content.Good For:

  • Technology product announcements
  • Important developments
  • Events

Similar Example:Picjumbo(Source: Picjumbo.com)Stock photo site, Picjumbo, uses the same style for its plugin announcement. The singular, focused message leaves the reader in no doubt about the purpose of the email. The bold, orange CTA is designed to get the subscriber straight into the deal.

7. Friendly Editor

Friendly EditorIf none of the templates quite match what you are looking for, then you can create your own. We offer a ?Friendly Editor? option, where you can design an email from scratch.DirectIQ custom optionsThere are additional customization options under the ?Custom? tab in the template section of the site. You can import external templates and send through DirectIQ’s secure system.


There are over 100 templates on our site, with many more inspiring examples available on the web. As you can see, the leading brands follow similar designs and include all the necessary parts set out at the beginning. The key is to ensure subscribers understand the message you want to get across.When picking the right theme, consider your audience and the content of the email. For multiple products, the ?Grey Matter? template is far more suitable than ?Tech Announce.?For the older, wealthier market, the ?Travel? theme is ideal, while ?Hero? is not quite as suitable.Each of these templates can be customized to your brand. We enable you to add your own logo, images, and content. Links and social media icons are already built in,If all else fails, we make it easy for you to create your own. Click here to sign up for a free DirectIQ account today!