How Aol’s Spoof prevention Affect Email Marketers

Changing Policies

Earlier this month Yahoo changed its DMARC policy and started moving emails to junk folder if they actually originated at non-Yahoo servers. Today, in a similar move, Aol changed its DMARC policy and modified its DNS record telling mailbox providers to reject Aol mail if it didn’t come from an Aol server. The move came after Aol Mail was hacked a few days ago, and users’ address books were scraped.

Importance For Email Marketers

This policy change is important for email marketers who are using email marketing services such as DirectIQ. Because bulk emails with Aol sender ids that would have previously been authorized will be affected.

No More AOL Sender Address In DirectIQ Campaigns

To protect email marketers, we once again modified our Campaign Setup page. You’ll no longer be able to send email campaigns from DirectIQ with Aol Sender Addresses. As always, you can easily change your Sender ID preferences on DirectIQ intelligent email marketing dashboad.