Moms Find Mobile Increasingly Essential For Shopping

Importance Of Mobile Optimization

Ever wonder how important mobile optimization is for your you website? When email recipients click on a link in your email, it is more than vital that they’re brought to a site that is optimized for mobile ?Disagree? Well, a new study by the folks at Baby Center looked into how often phones are used for shopping purposes and how helpful they are to moms during their shopping experience. The study focused in on 1,000 moms, and asked them about their purchases processes, and how their mobile phone affects them. It found some pretty awesome and interesting results that we’re happy to share with you 🙂

For moms, the purchase funnel is completely dominated by mobile. In fact, two out of three moms use mobile access throughout their purchase experience. 55% of moms use mobile to get purchase ideas and 52% use it to get product/brand recommendations. Saving money is the number one priority for moms, as 64%  of moms compare prices on mobile, and 59% look for coupons or deals before making purchases. See graphic below.

Pre-planning two out of three moms consistently use mobile across the entire purchase funnel to

Finding The Best Price Using Mobile Phones

The mobile experience doesn’t end there for moms. 70% of moms in the study shared that they use their smartphones in store. Again, finding the best price was determined to be the best reason for mobile use in-store, as 64% of moms used their phones to get a coupon, and 51% tried finding better prices on apps. Aside from the money, moms in the study also wanted the best products, as 38% admitted to reading product review while aisle shopping. See graphic below for more mobile habits.

Aisle habits 70 percent of moms use their smartphone while shopping in-store to

Making Mobile Website Optimization A MUST!

When comparing Baby Center’s study results this year to last, one thing is absolutely clear: mobile usage is increasing. Again, making mobile website optimization a MUST! Across the board, more and more moms are using mobile devices for and while shopping. There was a 4% increase in moms that scan a product barcode (perhaps to check/compare prices), there was a 7% increase in the number of moms that looked up the process of shopping online while already being in the store. The study also showed an increase in retailer app usage, an increase from 51% last year, to 58% this year. Moreover, there was also an increase of 7% in moms that use mobile coupons. In other words, mobile is taking over your mom’s shopping experience! See graphic below for more details.

Insight into mobile shopping behaviors

Researching Before Purchase

Last but not least, Baby Center looked into behaviors within shopping categories online. In all categories, aside from household supplies and groceries, at least 60% of moms did research before making purchases. Another striking finding is that aside from the aforementioned categories, 50% of moms admitted to having shopped online in every other category. More info below 🙂

Mobile behaviors within categories