Google Pushes Mobile-Friendliness On Webmasters

Importance Of Mobile-Friendliness

Here on DirectIQ’s email marketing blog we’ve written many times about the need for our users to make sure with their webmasters that their websites are mobile-friendly. You don’t want an email recipient clicking-through to your website on their phone, only to find that they are incapable of enjoying everything that it has to offer. as a matter of fact, so many studies have already shown the importance of optimization across desktops and mobile devices. Just knowing this information though for the most part isn’t cause enough companies to actually take action, that’s where Google comes in?

Google Notifies Webmasters To Fix Mobile Usability Issues

Apparently, notifications are being sent via Google to various webmasters whose sites are currently not mobile-friendly. These notifications not only ask webmasters to “fix mobile usability issues,” but warn them that google search rankings will be affected if they do not comply. This is a sign that Google will be rolling out a new mobile search algorithm in the near future. And it seems as though Google wants webmasters to take their penalty for a broken mobile site more seriously.

Investing In Mobile-Friendliness Will Pay

As more money will be dedicated to mobile in 2015, Google seems to be doing it’s best to encourage everyone to get with the times. And though we usually use our blog to share email/email marketing news, we truly think that all of our users should invest more in mobile-friendliness, especially if you want to get the most out of email marketing in the future — TV media power is dwindling, and app usage is rising as everyone is doing everything on their phones and tablets these days, so do your best not to get caught in the dust, and get mobile-friendly.

Below, for your reference, is a screenshot of the message that Google is sending to Webmasters.

Screenshot of the message that Google is sending to Webmasters