Send Now In Preview Mode On Android

Available For Android

You remember Send? We talked about it earlier this summer – Microsoft’s app that tries to combine the best aspects of instant messaging and email. Well, we have some exciting news for you non-iOS users out there: Send is now available for Android in preview mode! The availability of Send has been restricted to the US and Canada, although yesterday it was announced that the app will also be available in the UK, Brazil and Denmark.

Many Other Features

In addition to this exciting news, Microsoft announced many other features, “We added the ability to delete conversations, add people to conversations, send direct messages to people from a group conversation, share location, make a phone call and more.” One feature that many users have asked for is GIF support, and Microsoft also delivered on that front, allowing users to share them with their colleagues, workmates, and anybody else using the app. Feel free to check out Microsoft’s full blog post announcement here.

Expanding the availability of Send